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For most prospective students, it's hard to find a college in their area that offers degrees in fashion. There are only a few schools in the country that do.

One alternative most students end up choosing is just enrolling in business school and working part-time in retail. Upon graduation, they try to use their business degree and their retail work experience to land an entry-level position with a fashion retailer or manufacturer.

The second alternative is essentially the same as the first, except that students also take a couple of classes from an online fashion business school. They then showcase these successfully completed courses along with their business degree and retail experience when they try to land their first real position. Check into some online classes in the business of fashion.

For students who can't commit to completing a four-year degree, there are technical and specialty schools that a student can work with and get some specific training related to the fashion industry. Most schools won't have these types of classes, but there are some. Read more about it.

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