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Fashion design can be hard field to break into.

One of the big factors that makes it difficult is the fact that many of the best jobs are just in the big cities. It's hard to get your foot in the door of one of these employers unless you are very talented and/or you went to the right school.

Most students have their best luck with applying to one of the major retailers, who often have their home offices in cities such as Minneapolis (e.g., Target) or Seattle (e.g., Nordstrom). These companies need good buyers, buyers assistants, marketing and merchandising professionals.

These companies will often look for business majors to staff entry positions. These business graduates are typically bachelor's degree holders, however, these positions are sometimes given to young MBA degree holders. Granted, most people do not need an Master's of Business Administration Degree to get started, but it would certainly help.

Another option some people interested in fashion undertake when they get frustrated by not finding a job is they switch to graphics design instead. While it's certainly not the same thing, it is still design work, albeit on a different level. Take a look at graphic design.

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