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We've talked before about how hard it can be to find a fashion design school. When you find a school, it is usually in one of the biggest cities in the country (New York, LA, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Atlanta), and pretty expensive to attend. If you're in most parts of the country, you will need to relocate.

Our favorite alternative is for prospective fashion professionals to enroll at an online school where they can take some fashion classes and combine them with the business and art classes offered through their local college. is a resource that could help you locate one of these online schools.

There is also the opportunity to enroll in online classes from a college or specialty school that offers degrees or a series of classes in fashion design or fashion marketing. Online courses aren't perfect for everyone or for every discipline, but they can work out really well for some people in certain circumstances. You can read more topics on education here.

Even more coursework choices and look for colleges in areas such as history, advertising, graphic arts, psychology and plenty more.
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